Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wake up Oregon!

It never ceases to amaze me when I see Democratic voters falling prey to the MSM who helped us get George W. Bush elected. I've been reading some of the Obamabot blogs in recent days and they spew the same bullshit that the right wingers used to eat up for breakfast. Instead of actually taking the time to research their candidate of choice, Barack Obama, they swoon like little school girls waiting to get an autograph from a rock star. It doesn't matter that said rock star is a phony piece of garbage who lip-syncs his songs.

A few weeks back, Hillary Clinton spoke in Oregon about The Oregon Compact.

This compact clearly sets out the goals Hillary has for Oregon and the way she will partner with the state to help meet its needs. The compact includes:

* Bringing Green Jobs to Oregon
* Supporting Oregon on its Path to Energy Independence
* Protecting Oregon’s Right to Determine the Siting of Liquified Natural Gas
* Partnering with Oregon to Provide Affordable Health Care for Every Oregonian
* Restoring County Payments for Oregon’s Rural Communities
* Standing up for Oregon's Soldiers, Military Families, and Veterans
* Creating Sustainable Jobs by Thinning Choked, Unhealthy, Second-Growth Forests
* Stopping and Reversing the Depletion of Wild Salmon
* Protecting Remaining Old Growth Forests and Roadless Areas
* Achieving Wilderness Parity for Oregon and
* Defending Oregon’s "Death with Dignity" Law from Federal Meddling

Now, this sounds like a plan to me and of course, Obama had to try to trump this plan with one of his own....unfortunately, he had no plan. So what does Obama do when he has no plan? He makes up a snazzy title...CHANGE OREGON CAN BELIEVE IN. There ya go folks, all he has to do is put in his code word, "Change", and the Obamabots start to drool at the thought of a tasty pile of shit for lunch. Unfortunately, Obama didn't do much research when his campaign put out that "change" you can all believe in. Here it is:
Barack Obama will reinvigorate the drinking water standards that have been weakened under the Bush administration and update them to address new threats. He will help communities by restoring better federal financing for water and wastewater treatment infrastructure, and he will continue his leadership in protecting national treasures like the Great Lakes from threats such as industrial pollution, water diversion, and invasive species. Obama will establish policies to help high-growth regions with the challenges of managing their water supplies.

I guess Obama figured that you guys will buy anything, a little geography snafu means nothing, after all, he DID say that there would be change! He didn't mention that he planned on moving the Great Lakes from the northern Midwest portion of our country, to the Pacific Northwest.

Ever ready at the damage control, Nick Shapiro said that his campaign wasn't trying to match Clinton's Oregon compact. "The last thing Oregon needs is another plan." Hugh? That's right, Oregon don't need no fucking plan! At this point the Obamabots eyes had already begun to glaze and the chant "YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!" had already begun. Shapiro continued by arguing that the important thing is that Obama would be more successful in breaking through Washington gridlock to get things done. Ok....we don't want any of those nasty "plans" causing Washington gridlock. I'm just not sure why Obama needed to have a plan that said "Change Oregon Can Believe In", if they didn't need a plan to begin with, but I digress....

Let's look at that plan...ooops, I mean "non-plan" that Obama put out. Ignoring the blaring mistake that the Great Lakes aren't in Oregon, Barack tells Oregon that he will "Require 25 Percent of Electricity to Come from Renewable Sources by 2025." And that's great. Except that Oregon already passed that standard into law, on their own, back in 2007. I guess Oregon already had a change they could believe in. Maybe if Obama actually did his homework instead of trying to copy off others, he could come off not looking like an out of touch elitist.

On the other hand, Hillary, who does do her homework said, "the Bush Administration has tried to stop states like Oregon from taking action to address this pressing problem. Against this headwind, Oregon has made progress, joining with its neighbors to develop a plan to reduce greenhouse gases, and setting a 25% renewable electricity target. Where President Bush has attacked and stymied Oregon's efforts, Senator Clinton will partner with Oregon and protect Oregon's right to lead the way in reducing greenhouse gases. And where President Bush refused to take action at the federal level, Senator Clinton will implement a bold plan to attack the growing climate crisis."

About siting rights, Barack says that he:
supports the right of states like Oregon to veto the siting and construction of onshore Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities in their states. He believes that any LNG terminals must include strong environmental and safety reviews, a process that is critical for the proposed LNG facilities in Oregon. He also said that he supports legislation championed by Senator Ron Wyden to preserve Oregon's siting authority and will sign it into law as president.

Wow! All that came out of Obama??? Here's the problem, the phony forgot to mention that the only reason this is even an issue for Oregon is because the Bush/Cheney Energy Bill stripped States of their voice in the siting process. That's the bill that Barack "No Plan" Obama voted for, while Hillary voted AGAINST it. I guess Obama didn't think first before he voted for that plan, but hey, at least he showed up for the vote, eh?

Wipe your mouth, Obama, there's still a tiny bit of bullshit around your lips.

Obama does have a plan for veteran's though. Trouble is, the geography challenged candidate was talking about Pennsylvania to Oregon voters. Ooops! He said, "As president, I will ensure we honor the sacred trust to care for Pennsylvania's 1.1 million Veterans."

Hillary, on the other hand, said this: "Oregon's National Guard has contributed significantly to our nation's actions in Iraq and Afghanistan with 7,000 individual mobilizations. More than 3,500 Oregon Guard members are scheduled to go to Iraq in 2009. In addition, Oregon has 359,000 veterans within its borders, which is higher than the national average. Yet unlike many states with this level of military involvement, Oregon has no active duty bases, which routinely provide health care for military families. This means Oregon's veterans, Guard members, reservists and their families have limited access to the health care they deserve, making reliable health care through TRICARE even more critical in Oregon than in most states."

Kind of makes Obama look like he doesn't know what he's talking about, doesn't it? But he's sooooooooo inspirational! He's change we can believe in! Obama keeps saying we have to have some serious discussions about the issues. It's not too easy to to that with a candidate like Obama who doesn't understand the issues to begin with.

After eight years of listening to a Yale Graduate who couldn't put two coherent sentences together, I was hoping to have the opportunity to have a Bill Clinton, and now Hillary Clinton, who knows and understands these issues, someone who actually takes the time to listen to the voters and their needs, not just an empty suit with empty rhetoric and catchy phrases like "Hope and Change you can believe in." That's nice, but when you haven't got a clue as to what the American people need, you can't change it, can you.

Wake up Oregon, wake up backed the wrong horse and he's making an ass out of you.

Oh, and speaking of asses, it seems that Obama, while speaking in Oregon said that he has traveled to 57 States in the last 15 months. Again, the man needs to get his geography and history straight. He explained it all away, though, when he said to a group of reporters at a stop later on where he was discussing the cyclone victims in Burma, "I hope I said 100,000 people the first time instead of 100 million. I understand I said there were 57 states today. It's a sign that my numeracy is getting a little, uh." At that point, an aide cut him off and ushered journalists out.