Monday, January 13, 2014

Syria Conflict at Stalemate

As the world's attention shifts to the Olympics, and to other troubled spots around the globe, the problem in Syria continues to degrade. The Americans are clearly in the camp of the opposition, although to what extent the US is willing to help rebels is unclear, especially given the regime is backed by Russia. New players are also entering the game, some reported to be even more ruthless than al-queda. Proponents of war suggest this is a prime example where letting the parties fight it out rather than trying to pull back with ceasefires would prevent the conflict from prolonging, and minimize civilian suffering. A clear winner in either way would in the least add some clarity to the situation. But that's not what's happening and it's over simplistic to watch the two-sides 'fight it out'. As the conflict prolongs factions will become more pronounced furthering the complexity. But at the end of the day the average Syrian, the future, the children, are the true victims, and there's no apparent end in sight.

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