Monday, January 14, 2013

Shootings and shooting.

Guns to kill people.... well you know the rest. More and more mass shootings are sadly occurring in our country. The debate is becoming increasingly polarised at a time when we need a NEW conversation about guns in this country. Staying on opposite ends of the spectrum and beating drums until one gets enough support to prevent or enact change doesn't seem to help. Taking guns away isn't the solution, albeit making it harder for military style weapons to stay out of the hands of regular Joes, well I'm for that (although would stand outside of the Conservative camp on this one). Reality is we have a culture of guns and it's the culture that needs to change if we're going to stop killing each other. Forget the fact inner city violence is happening all around us (not getting national media attention), let's just talk about the overall reality Americans kill each other more than any other. There's no civil war here, it's just plain cultural to tote guns and use them as means to carry out violent messages (or crazy ones more often than not). We have to change, perhaps legislation will help, but ultimately no law will fix the root problem.