Monday, December 16, 2013

Affluenza Deffence

Classic. A Texas judge gave a young teen 10 years probation instead of jail time because his defence lawyers were able to effectively argue the brand new 'sickness' called 'affluenza'. The idea goes like this, if a kid has too much money (or rather his parents) then he can't know right from wrong, or it's really hard to learn because everything is handed to you from day one. I do'nt get it either. But in Texas stupid things happen all the time. Such as teens killing whole families while drunk driving and not getting jail time. What's even more peculiar from a legal stand point is how a psychological disorder that's never been tested and has no empirical evidence to even exist, held up in court. As for the teen boy who got away free, he gets to spend his probation in a resort facility because his wealthy parents can afford it. Luckily there will be a civil suit. Funny how affluenza doesn't affect black people in Texas.

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