Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Republican Front Runner?

Still up in the air, and I'm wondering why the media loves to jump on the foibles of the candidates. It make sthem all look incompetent. But then again, maybe they all are. Hopefully, for our sake, a clear cut candidate emerges, even if it's someone who'll make the rich richer, then it'll be a clear race at least.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How's Unemployment In California? Pretty lame

Take the largest state in the country and check their health. If we do that for California we see issues. Check out this graph.
If you look closely, ok you do'nt have to look closely, but if you look you'll see that there's really no change as of late, unemployment numbers are still very high. Couple that with foreclosures and bankruptcies and you'll get a bleak picture. There aren't many states that are doing any better. Seems to me whatever was broke is still broken. It seems clear, we're in another recession, in fact, we barely came out of the one we were in. Next steps?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Raise Taxes for the Rich?

So I'm obvious in favour of increasing taxes to the rich because I do'nt see a class warfare issue like some Republicans try to monger. I do however, understand economics when it prescribes lower taxes for those who create wealth. We can assume those who make lots of money know how to make it and want to make more of it. Thus they'll take the incentive of less taxes and use that to make more money. More money requires employees thus more jobs are created. really simple way to look at the economy but that's the reason behind lowering taxes. The problem? Rich people horde their money, or they buy frivolous items. That's not to say that's ALL they do, but last I checked we're not adding jobs and rich execs are getting bonuses for short term profits rather than long term sustainability. As well, what I never get, is the Republican push for competition and less gov't. Private sectors all the way! But when that happens the race is for cheap, and cheap means sending jobs to India..... So long story short, go ahead, raise taxes for the rich, I won't notice.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Republican Front RUnner

Who would you pick to lead the Republicans? A boob from Texas (no, sorry Texas, we do'n need another solid C+ student as President). How about crazy Bachmann? If you had to pick who would it be, there are some interesting candidates, and then there are some 'interesting' candidates.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Green and Conservative, No problem

You can have a liberal sensibility, with conservative political beliefs, no? One can still recycle, adore nature, volunteer to help the less fortunate and give money to those in need. But I also can opt for plans that reduce deficits, that seek to save rather than spend, that opt for job creation in the private sector rather than government intervention.......Can't you?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Green Conservative

Check out this blog written by a REpublican with a slant towards conservation:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Conservative Majority in Canada

Canadians went to the polls earlier this month and elected a majority Conservative government. For years now the Conservative have governed the country in a minority government which mean conservative legislation had a tough time passing Parliament. All that has changed. The graph shows that with the majority of seats the Conservative party of Canada can now push their agenda, and the one that was supported by most Canadians.

(Actually the majority of Canadians in accumulation voted for left wing parties, but because there are 2 left wing parties in Canada, that vote was split.)

The new official opposition is the socialist party the NDP. A definite surprise in this election.

What will this mean for foreign policy and the economy (with the majority government)?

Well because Canada is a parliamentary system the majority of votes will pass any legislation. That means there's little to no opposition even though there are opposing opinions, when it comes to voting it's merely symbolic.

The Conservatives tend to be slightly more right wing when it comes to fiscal policy. They would opt for less government intervention, lower taxes, and eventually deficit payments. One can also expect a hard line stance on immigration, increased spending for the military, lower taxes for corporations, and cuts to unnecessary social programs.

For America we can expect Canada will continue to milk a stronger economy and offer their oil exploits to us, that's a win. That's important to because a strong Canadian economy means a strong export economy. They do after all buy 30% of our exports.