Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Raise Taxes for the Rich?

So I'm obvious in favour of increasing taxes to the rich because I do'nt see a class warfare issue like some Republicans try to monger. I do however, understand economics when it prescribes lower taxes for those who create wealth. We can assume those who make lots of money know how to make it and want to make more of it. Thus they'll take the incentive of less taxes and use that to make more money. More money requires employees thus more jobs are created. really simple way to look at the economy but that's the reason behind lowering taxes. The problem? Rich people horde their money, or they buy frivolous items. That's not to say that's ALL they do, but last I checked we're not adding jobs and rich execs are getting bonuses for short term profits rather than long term sustainability. As well, what I never get, is the Republican push for competition and less gov't. Private sectors all the way! But when that happens the race is for cheap, and cheap means sending jobs to India..... So long story short, go ahead, raise taxes for the rich, I won't notice.

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